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If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and looking for help, visit the dedicated and compassionate medical team at Suburban Women’s Clinic in Houston. Led by a board-certified OB/GYN, the team provides safe surgical abortions for pregnancies up to 15.6 weeks gestation. Learn about your options by scheduling a visit online or calling Suburban Women’s Clinic today.

Surgical Abortion Q & A

What is a surgical abortion?

A surgical abortion, also called a suction aspiration abortion, is a type of surgical procedure used to remove a pregnancy from the uterus. Surgical abortions can be performed up to 15.6 weeks gestation. To determine how far along in your pregnancy you are, your doctor begins your visit with a pregnancy test and ultrasound.

If your doctor determines you are a candidate for a surgical abortion, you’ll be provided information about pregnancy and abortions from the state of Texas and medical counseling from your doctor. You’ll wait 24 hours to consider the information provided before making your decision. If you want to continue, you’ll return to the clinic the next day for your surgical abortion.

What happens during a surgical abortion?

If you decide to go forward with your surgical abortion, you’ll return to the clinic and be given intravenous (IV) sedation, also called twilight sleep, and a local anesthetic injection into your cervix to relieve discomfort. After you’re comfortable and relaxed, your doctor begins the procedure by dilating your cervix and inserting the surgical equipment into your uterus.

With the appropriate tools in place, your doctor uses suction to remove the pregnancy from your uterus. The entire procedure lasts 3-5 minutes. Afterward, your IV is turned off and you become more alert.

When you’re ready, your doctor moves you to a comfortable recovery room and monitors you over the next few hours to ensure you’re doing well.

What can I expect after a surgical abortion?

After your surgical abortion, you will recover in the office for 2-4 hours. You may experience mild to moderate cramping immediately after your procedure. The medical team is available throughout your recovery to ensure you are comfortable and don’t experience an adverse reaction. You may be given additional medications to reduce discomfort and prevent infection after your procedure.

Your entire visit may last five or six hours, depending on your overall health and the gestational length of your pregnancy. After your surgical abortion, you’ll need someone to drive you home since the sedative medication will still be in your system.

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