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If your period is late or you think you might be pregnant, visit Suburban Women’s Clinic in Houston for a confidential and accurate pregnancy test. The team is dedicated to personalized and compassionate care and walks you through the process to determine if you are pregnant and what options are available to you. Schedule a pregnancy test at Suburban Women’s Clinic today by calling or using the online tool.

Pregnancy Test Q & A

Why should I take a pregnancy test?

If you are sexually active and suspect you are pregnant or have missed your period, you should take a pregnancy test at home or visit Suburban Women’s Clinic for a test. It is important to take a pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy, even if you’re experiencing early pregnancy signs or symptoms.

In some cases, you may experience a missed or late period due to fluctuations in your menstrual cycle that can be caused by hormonal imbalances. If this is the case, you may prefer to use hormonal birth control — available at Suburban Women’s Clinic — to regulate your cycle and prevent an unplanned pregnancy.

At Suburban Women’s Clinic, pregnancy testing is available for you at your first appointment whether you are visiting the office for routine gynecologic care or an abortion.

How do pregnancy tests work?

Pregnancy tests check for the presence of a chemical called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in your urine. Your body only makes this hormone when you’re pregnant. Some at-home pregnancy tests can detect the presence of HCG up to a week before your missed period, though most tests are accurate after you’ve missed your period.

Current pregnancy tests, including those available at Suburban Women’s Clinic, are 99% effective at detecting pregnancy. If you are unsure about the result of your test or your period hasn’t started, you can take another pregnancy test within one to two days.

When should I take a pregnancy test?

You should take a pregnancy test as soon as your period is late. Some tests are available that can be used a few days or up to a week before your missed period, though the results tend to be less accurate. For best results, take a test, making sure to follow the directions on the package, once you’ve missed your period.

If you visit the office for abortion services, you will first take a pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy. Once your pregnancy is confirmed, the Suburban Women’s Clinic team discusses the next steps with you and goes over your options for care in the office.

Get a reliable and confidential pregnancy test at Suburban Women’s Clinic. Call or use the online tool to schedule your visit today.